Commitment (Pledge) Cards

Commitment (Pledge) Cards

Commitment is defined as a state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, an engagement or obligation. In our case, it is an obligation that we are choosing willingly to fully engage ourselves in building The Family Life Center and taking St. Luke to the next chapter of its journey. God's hand has been instrumental in helping us move to a BIGGER & BETTER campus, surrounded by people who we can bring the light and love of Jesus Christ to. Now it is time to step up and do our part!

Participating in our campaign by filling out a commitment card and fulfilling your pledge, will help us with our goal of building our multi-purpose building, The Family Life Center, which will serve as our offices, meeting rooms, social hall and temporary worship space until we are able to begin Phase 3 of our Master Plan. This campaign will serve to raise the initial $3 Million to get the plans going and start construction. Depending on the final project cost of the Family Life Center, we may need a second part. This would pay off any remaining project cost and loan.

You can support our building efforts by filling out a Commitment Card and placing it in the Campaign Collection Vessel from October 15th-November 6th in the Main Sanctuary. You can also return your card to the Parish Office during business hours or see the section below if you prefer to make a pledge online. Commitment Cards are available throughout the campus.

We ask that all of our parishioners/families prayerfully discuss their potential sacrificial commitment and participate in our campaign. Many people come to St. Luke the Evangelist to pray, worship, receive healing through the sacraments (reconciliation, marriage, baptism, confirmation) and/or have a funeral for a loved one at our church. This has all been possible because our past parishioners made a sacrificial commitment when plans of building St. Luke were first discussed. We have a spiritual place to call home because of others. It is our time to answer that call and move St. Luke to the next phase of its journey!

How to Make a Pledge
Online Commitment Card

Cou can take an Online Support Card, scan the QR code, and place the card in the Campaign Collection Vessel. These cards were made so that, those of us who wish to give online, will also have something to bring to the altar as a symbolic representation of our commitment.

Please find the link to the Online Commitment Card below if you are ready to pledge.

Thank you for your prayers & financial support - We Are St. Luke!

Online Commitment Card

Questions & Answers

Giving to a Capital Campaign is referred to as sacrificial giving because it is separate from our normal tithing (donations offered during Mass). When we donate our normal tithe, it supports our church (your spiritual home), allowing us to pay our staff, bills and  maintain our two campuses. Remember that tithing is less about a strict 10% and more about positioning your heart to be generous. So when you give to a Capital Campaign, it is a sacrificial gift because it is on top off your normal tithe, not instead of. Because of this, it causes us to reshuffle, rearrange and rethink the whole of what has been given to us. It makes us re-evaluate what really matters and it helps us re-prioritize our lives, to distinguish what is valuable and lasting from what is temporary and untrustworthy.

If you prefer to pledge online, scan the QR code on the back of the Commitment Card. This will take you to the Ways to Support the Capital Campaign web page ( Once on this page click on Online Commitment Card button (arrow/circle). This online form is the same as filling out the paper Commitment Card, so there is no need to fill out any additional forms.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH, we appreciate your willingness to commit to the future of St. Luke!
    • The information provided on all paper and online commitment cards will be entered in our church management system, Breeze. This will allow us to know what type of support from our parishioners we have for this build, be able to send out reminders to those who chose to give on a particular giving schedule (weekly, monthly, yearly) and also report our progress to our congregation. 
    • Every time that you give a gift, whether through cash/check (please put in the designated Capital Campaign envelopes), text-to-give or online, this gift will be recorded as "payment" towards your total committed goal.
Commitment Cards and Capital Campaign envelopes are available throughout the campus.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Lupe Saiz at 281-481-6816 ext 203 or email

Together, we can do great things - We Are St. Luke!