By marriage, Christ Jesus joins a man and a woman in a life-giving and permanent union. The Sacrament of Marriage is a sign of Christ's presence in the world, designed to help all people reach a closer union with God. Marriage calls the couple to be a sign of Christ's love for and fidelity to the Church. This sacrament brings the couple to enter into a faithful and loving covenant with God and one another.


  • Do not reserve a reception venue until you have cleared the wedding date with your preparing clergy AND the Office of Worship.
  • Attend a marriage preparation orientation session as early as possible and not less than six months prior to any intended wedding date. 
  • The Office of Worship will work with you regarding your date for your wedding, ONLY AFTER the priest or deacon you are working with gives her leave to do so.  
  • At least one of the parties being married in the Church must both be baptized and Catholic. (Confirmation is also encouraged.)
  • Those parties approaching the sacrament of marriage must be free to marry. If you have been married previously, you may need an annulment to marry in the Church. Please contact the Parish Office (281-481-6816) if you wish to consider an annulment.
  • Couples must be at least eighteen years of age and six months out of high school before marriage preparation can begin.

  • Catholic marriages are open to life, to the gift of God.
  • Class schedule: All sessions begin at 7:30pm.
  • Orientations are usually on the first Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October, and December.
  • Regular class sessions are usually on the second Tuesday of the Month.
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Marriage Preparation Proceedures

The couple should register a minimum of six months prior to when they think they might want to schedule their wedding.

  • Please DO NOT reserve a reception hall until you have a wedding date secured (step 6).
  • After registering, a member of the marriage preparation team will contact the couple. 

This is a general introduction to marriage preparation and wedding planning at St. Luke. We will look at an overview of the process, requirments, possible timelines, etc.

After the couple attends the Orientation Session, the Parish Office will e-mail them instructions, along with a code, to take the online inventory. The couple will (in step 5) go over this evaulation tool with their preparing clergyman to help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses as a couple. 

The couple will contact a priest or deacon and ask him if he would prepare them for marriage. 

  • Typically he agrees, but occasionally his schedule or some other item may prevent him from agreeing. 
  • The preparing clergyman usually also preside at the wedding. 

Couples may proceed with these two aspects (5A and 5B) simultaneously.

A) Classes: The couple will complete four classes (or their equivalent in couple-to-couple or retreat format), usually with the marriage preparation team. 
B) Clergy Sessions: The couple will meet with their preparing clergyman for several sessions to go over the online inventory, establish freedom to marry, etc. 

The clergyman will complete and sign a peach wedding reservation form for the Office of Worship.

  • Sometimes this may happen before the clergy sessions and the classes are complete. If this is the case, the clergy sessions and the classes still need to be completed.
  • This tentative reservation will be made permanent upon receipt of the deposit.
  • The couple has a week to submit the deposit.
  • Since the couple has a date set with the Church, they may now reserve a reception hall.

The couple contacts the Director of the Office of Worship to set up the wedding ceremony.

The preparing clergy gives the Director of Adult Faith Formation a form notifying him that the couple has completed their preparation. The Director of Adult Faith Formation then prepares a certificate for the couple that grants them a discount on their marriage license. 

The couple obtains their marriage license from the County Clerk. This will be signed at the wedding ceremony. 

Congratulations! May your marriage be blessed with many more years of growth and blessings.