All of our programs are only possible with the help of volunteers who desire to make a difference in our Young Church. How is God calling you to volunteer? Please contact the director with any questions or to sign up to volunteer.

All volunteers over the age of 18 must be trained in Safe Environment before working with youth as an Archdiocesan Safe Environment and Youth Protection policy. Please visit virtus.org for more information or contact Jocelyn Nunez.

Catechist/Catechist Assistant: assist the director by helping to teach or pass on the faith to a group of 10-15 young people. You will be given resources, support, and tools to be successful. This requires a time commitment of 4-6pm on Sundays from September - May. 

Hall Monitor/Parking Lot Monitor: help us keep our environment safe by being an extra set of eyes in the hallway during formation, ensure each young person is picked up, and keep the parking lot safe during busy pickup times.This is a time commitment of 4:15-6:15 on Sundays from September -May.

Attendance Aid: collect the attendance folders and enter the attendance into the system. This also involves calling parents of children with several consecutive absences to check in and offer support. The time commitment is 5-6pm on Sundays from September - May. 

Hospitality: we have a team who sets up food, makes lemonade, and serves youth. The main hospitality happens between the time commitment of 4:45-5:45 on Sundays. Hospitality is needed for other events such as Confirmation. Please contact the director if interested. 

Office/Administrative Help: make copies, laminate prayer sheets, cut out activities for worksheets, and more clerical support for the directors. There is no official time commitment for this, it can be done on your own schedule. A regular routine is appreciated so work can be collected and assigned appropriately. 

Technology Support: every Sunday we set up a screen, laptop, and projector. The tech support person will help set this out, ensure the sound is working, and assist the presenter with any technology needs as they arise. This person will also play appropriate background music before formation and during games.The time commitment is 4-6pm on Sundays from September - May.

Logistics: every Sunday we take down tables, set up 200 chairs, and reoganize the room. These all need to be set up again by Monday for other parish ministries. We may also need other setup for a Church prayer service or other special event. The time commitment is 4:30pm - 5pm on Sundays from September - May.

Retreat/Event Chaperone: the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston requires that for every event on or off campus we have a ratio of 1 adult to every 6 youth. We need adults to help chaperone our retreats, Jr. High Summer Camp, pray n play, and more. As a chaperone you are a support for the youth minister in creating a positive environment for the youth by your example and other tasks such as: encouraging proper behavior, making sure the youth get enough sleep, leading a small group, and offering to pray with the youth. Each event will have a meeting to explain the specific chaperone needs, guidelines, and expectations. There is no time commitment but chaperones are needed for all events.

Prayer Team: someone who is willing to pray for our ministry and all the wonderful work God is doing for us. There is no time commitment but can be done at your own schedule. If you would like to join us during formation and pray with others in the community that is most welcome.

If you did not see anything that stood out to you there are always many other needs please contact the director to help find the best way to serve for you.

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