Credit Union

This community credit union, established at St. Luke in 1979, has been providing parishioners savings opportunities and loans as offered by any credit union.

Open Sundays ONLY
8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Located in the Social Hall Loft

Services Available:
• Passbook Savings Accounts for Church Members
• Great Loan Rates for Qualified Church Members
• Loans — Auto (New or Used), School and Personal Loans

• Free Notary Service (when Notary is in office)

Best Kept Secret in the Parish!

CONTACT: George Bishop at 281-481-6816 EXT. 234 or

Celebrations Committee

Like to throw large parties?

We are looking for interested people to plan and work on annual events within the parish.

  • St. Luke Feast Day an annual celebration of the St. Luke Patron Saint for the entire community.
  • Liturgical celebrations and fun style entertainment, food, etc.
  • Parish Appreciation Events: Our annual Spring Fling and Volunteer Appreciation events are held annually to show appreciation to all St. Luke volunteers.
  • Other celebrations, and special occasions as the need arises.

Contact Pat Hernandez or the parish office.

Clerical Help

We are called to not only serve one another, but also serve the church. Our Parish Office is need of those who are enthusiastic about greeting people and answering their questions. If you would like to our office answer phone calls and provide a welcoming front desk, please contact us! WE ARE ST. LUKE!

Estamos llamados no solo a servirnos los unos a los otros, sino también a servir a la iglesia. Nuestra Oficina Parroquial necesita a aquellos que están entusiasmados con saludar a la gente y responder a sus preguntas. Si desea ayudar a nuestra oficina a responder llamadas telefónicas y saludar a los feligreses, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros! ¡SOMOS SAN LUCAS!

CONTACT: Dora Salazar, 281-481-6816 EXT. 201

Homebound Ministry

Homebound Ministry is designated so that Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion can bring the Eucharist to the infirm and homebound. These visits are scheduled upon request. Complete the form below to be added to our list of weekly visits and please call the front office if you need assistance. 

El Ministerio de los Confinados en Casa está designado para que los Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada Comunión puedan llevar la Eucaristía a los enfermos y confinados en el hogar. Estas visitas se programan previa solicitud. Complete el formulario a continuación para ser agregado a nuestra lista de visitas semanales y llame a la oficina principal si necesita ayuda.

Homebound Registration Form/Forma de Registro de los Confinados en Casa

If you are an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and would like to minister to the Homebound, please contact:
Si usted es un Ministro Extraordinario de la Sagrada Comunión y desea ministrar a los confinados en casa, por favor comuníquese con:
Omar y Connie Arreguin al

Registration Form / Forma de Registro
Parish Facilities Committee

We are in need of parishioners that are skilled professional to be part of our parish Facilities Committee. We need assistance to help maintain our facilities as well as give us advice and help guide us when we need to hire the work out to outside companies, ensure that we are not being taken advantage of and are being good stewards with our finances.

Comité de Instalaciones de la Parroquia Estamos en la necesidad de feligreses que son profesionales capacitados para formar parte de nuestro Comité de Instalaciones de la parroquia. Necesitamos ayuda para mantener nuestras instalaciones, así como dar consejos y guiarnos cuando tenemos que contratar a empresas externas, asegurarse de que no se estan aprovechado y estamos siendo buenos administradores con nuestras finanzas.

If you are in…
Si usted trabaja o sabe de
Painting (Pintura), Masonry (Albañilería), Plumbing (Plomería), Landscaping (Paisaje), Carpentry (Carpintería), Construction (Construcción), Concrete & Asphalt (Concreto y Asfalto), Electrical Wiring (Cableado eléctrico), Technology and other (Tecnología y otra)...

or are a jack of all trades, this is the Ministry for you! o es un aprendiz de todo, este es el Ministerio para usted!

What better way to thank God for the talents and knowledge He has blessed you with, than by using them to care for His house!
¿Qué mejor manera de agradecer a Dios por el talento y el conocimiento que Él te ha bendecido, que mediante el uso de ellos para cuidar de su casa!

CONTACT: Donna Viramontes at 281-481-6816 EXT 205, OR Juan Martinez at

Senior Care Ministry

Assist seniors to successfully age in place for as long as possible.

Service Focus For Our Seniors

  • Meaningful Involvement
    • Sense of purpose
      • Volunteerism – What skills do you (senior) have that others might need?
      • Spirituality – Keep our seniors connected to church
      • Social Relationships – Pair our seniors up with a buddy or group
      • Lifelong learning – Offer opportunities to learn new things
  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Respect & Inclusion
  • Communication & Information
  • Transportation & Mobility
  • Health & Wellbeing

Caregiver Support

  • Many of our families lack information/resources and financial support to effectively help older adults successfully age in place, our goal is to help caregivers link up with agencies who can support them in their efforts.

Care for Adults with Physical & Mental Disabilities

  • Provide resources for assistance with a family member that has physical and/or mental disability.
  • Provide resources for permanent living arrangements for a person with physical and/or mental disabilities. 

Contact Us

Ella Gauthier, Senior Care Ministry Lead

Angie Haneiko, Senior Care Ministry Co-Lead