Capital Campaign Committees

Core Campaign Committee
The St. Luke Core Campaign Committee is a group of dedicated individuals (4-6 members) which has committed to being the driving force throughout the capital campaign. The members of this committee have committed to serve throughout the campaign (3 + years) and will meet on a monthly basis and come together as needed.

The Core Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing campaign objectives
  • Developing a preliminary working goal
  • Draft an early version of the case for support
  • Make critical decisions throughout the campaign

St. Luke Capital Campaign Core Committee:

  • Pastor – Fr. Douglas Guthrie
  • Business Manager – Donna Viramontes
  • Development Coordinator – Guadalupe Saiz
  • Campaign Chair – Felipe Mendoza Jr.
  • Building Committee Chair – George Bishop
  • Steering Committee Chair – Val Comeaux

Steering Committee
The St. Luke Steering Committee consists of people who want to have continued involvement in our campaign, who are willing to be good advocates and even solicit gifts on behalf of our campaign. This committee will meet 4 to 6 times per year for the duration of the campaign or until the goal is met and will:

  • Be the driving force behind the financial efforts of the campaign
  • Monitors campaign progress and recommend course corrections
  • Advocate on behalf of the campaign
  • Spearheads fundraising efforts 

St. Luke Steering Committee:

  • Steering Committee Chair – Val Comeaux
  • Campaign Chair – Felipe Mendoza Jr.
  • George Bishop - Chair of Building Committee
  • James & Ella Gauthier
  • Gaston Benavides
  • Ruben & Claudia Herrera
  • Kathleen Taylor
  • David & Ellie Flickinger
  • Ryan & Heather Sepulveda
  • Felipe Sr. & Minerva Mendoza
  • Lorena Diaz
  • Michael Anagbogu Jr
  • Emilia Asumugha
  • Cleo Villines
  • Neena Bui
  • Cam Bui
  • Omar & Connie Arreguin

Building Committee
The Building Committee will consist of people who will work with the architects to ensure that we will have the best building to meet the needs of our parish. This committee will meet on an as needed basis until the building plans are set.

St. Luke Building Committee:

  • Pastor – Fr. Douglas Guthrie
  • Business Manager – Donna Viramontes
  • Chair – George Bishop
  • Committee Member – Basilio Valdez
  • Committee Member – Ana Armenta
  • Committee Member - Marlisa Stevens
  • Committee Menber - Joe Tomaskovic
  • Committee Menmber - Jaime Lopez