A committee that reaches out to those in the parish who have lost a loved one through death. Pastoral care funeral planning visitations and meals are offered by this caring group.

For more information on how you may be a part of this group, please contact the parish office.

A grief support group provides people a place to connect with others who have experienced the loss of a loved one. The ministry lead manages the group, while the attendees emotionally support each other. They also help each other recognize and validate their feelings. Attendees use each other to learn about living with grief despite the empty place in their hearts.

Grieving loved ones often feel that they are alone in their emotions. In general, most people do not feel comfortable talking about death, so when they experience the death of a loved one, they do not know what to do. Grief support groups provide a safe and effective place for grieving loved ones to learn how to talk about their feelings. They learn to heal and how to continue with their lives in a healthy way.

Grief support groups help members understand the complexities of grief. One-on-one therapy is also useful, but people often find more relief when meeting with others who are experiencing the same emotions. 

Come and join our ministry as we offer each other comfort and support.

Ministerio de Apoyo para los Afligidos

Un grupo de apoyo para los afligidos brinda a las personas un lugar para conectarse con otras personas que han experimentado la pérdida de un ser querido. El líder del ministerio administra el grupo, mientras que los participantes se apoyan emocionalmente entre sí. También se ayudan mutuamente a reconocer y validar sus sentimientos. Los asistentes se usan unos a otros para aprender a vivir con el duelo a pesar del lugar vacío en sus corazones.

Los seres queridos en afliccion a menudo sienten que están solos en sus emociones. Por lo general, la mayoría de las personas no se sienten cómodas hablando de la muerte, por lo que cuando experimentan la muerte de un ser querido, no saben qué hacer. Los grupos de apoyo para los afligidos brindan un lugar seguro y efectivo para que los seres queridos aprendan a hablar sobre sus sentimientos, sanar y continuar con su vida de forma saludable.

Este grupo ayuda a sus miembros a comprender las complejidades del duelo. La terapia individual también es útil, pero las personas a menudo encuentran más alivio cuando se reúnen con otras personas que experimentan las mismas emociones. 


Hilda C. Sustaita, Grief Support Ministry Lead: 832-267-1470 or

H.U.G.S. is a group for widows. It originated in the summer of 2003 when Fr. Steve, one of our former pastors, saw a need for a group to minister to those who were alone due to the loss of a spouse. Fr. Steve asked one of our parishioners, Dee Rubens, to organize this ministry. Dee had never done anything like this before and did not know where to start. She called a few friends who were also widows and asked for their opinions. They thought it was a great idea for those in similar situations to be able to get together to help support each other. Since this was the main goal of the group, Dee decided on the name H.U.G.S. which stands for Help Us Give Support. H.U.G.S. fills the requirement  for people who enjoy being around others and who understand the need for companionship and friendship.

H.U.G.S. members will get together to attend plays, movies, have lunch or go to a nice restaurant for dinner. These outings are always fun and enjoyable for everyone!

If you have recently lost your spouse,or if you have been widowed for sometime,
H.U.G.S. is here for you.Don't spend time alone, join us.

We will welcome you with a big HUG!

For more information, please contact: Norma Calhoun at 281-481-4135.

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